"Looka Design Ltd" is a company that deals in design, manufacture and marketing of bags and wallets, for the private sector. It was established by Eli Cohen. Reacently a men's line has been launched 

While completing his cinema and television studies at TAU, Eli was asked to help a friend – a leather goods agent. Since he always has been drawn to craft and art, he fell in love with this profession. Naturally, his affection towards crafts has gone hand in hand with his entrepreneur skills. 

Eli started as a sales agent of a variation of leather goods. After years of experience with his clients and understanding their needs, he began designing functional custom made bags. Eli, who never studied design, got assistance from his wife Hagit, an art teacher. 

The company's goal is to keep its designs current, to work with the best materials and to have high standards of finishing. 
The company inspires for innovation and creativity and has established itself as a leading brand of bags and wallets in the Israeli market. 
The brand is defined by functional designs in a non-compromising level of sawing and finishing, and uses fine Italian leather.

The company has its own stores located all over Israel. In addition, the company distributes to over a hundred bag stores and selected boutiques.